Networking Academy delivers training on the latest Curriculum of Cisco Systems - Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching. It consists of 4 (module) semesters. Its aim is to provide knowledge in the field of information technology and skills needed to design, construction and maintenance of small and medium large size networks. This enables students to find a job and to continue their education and training in the field of information technology and computer networks. students receive extensive knowledge about the functioning of computer networks Ρ€The difference between the different types of network devices, how to develop and correct network solutions and other general questions. Trained receive adequate preparation for application certificates CCNA and CCNP of Cisco Systems. The content of the curriculum for semesters press here.

The Cisco CCNA Security curriculum is the next step for those who want to expand their skills in the field of network security. The program provides knowledge about concepts of network security, build a reliable and secure infrastructure, detect and eliminate network attacks.Provide skills to configure and maintain the network devices to achieve integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and devices. It is recommended that students have completed the course in CCNA (at least the first two modules, or have a certificate CCENT or CCNA), but can be trained and those who have knowledge of networks and work with Cisco equipment. The course lasts from one module (semester). The content of the curriculum press here.