10 years CISCO Academy at the Technical University - Varna

On April 29, 2011. Hall 111M took celebration marking 10 years CISCO Academy at the Technical University - Varna. Special guest of Sofia was Mrs. Theodora Borisova - Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Networking Academies (BANA) and coordinator of the CISCO Networking Academy for Bulgaria. By the academic leadership came to honor the anniversary, were prof. Ovid Farhi - Rector of the University and Professor. Peter Petrov - Deputy. Academic work.

Head of Network Academy Assoc. Antonov made a presentation on the activities of the Academy in the years and the development of training facilities for students. He noted that the Technical University - Varna is one of the first universities in Bulgaria, who have built CISCO Networking Academy. Currently CISCO Academy at the University uses two modern equipped laboratories of the department "Computer science and technology" - 204TV and 207E. Until now trained over 400 students, ะบ ATO quite a few of them have successfully passed examination for a certificate CCNA. Assoc. Antonov said that eight students reached the national round of the international competition for computer networks NetRiders, which was held on 27 April under the auspices of CISCO Systems, seven students have qualified successfully and will receive a voucher for certificates. Assoc. Antonov thanked all contributed to the development of CISCO Academy at the Technical University - Varna.


Ms. Borisova present place of our CISCO Academy in the large family of network academies in the world. Not accidentally believe that academic training is the largest virtual classroom in the world with over 1 million students. Around the world there are more than 10,000 academies in 165 countries. Bulgaria has 110 instructors and our two Assist Hristo Valchanov and Assist Veneta Alexieva are among the best. For their excellent work in the years Ms. Borisova their grant diplomas for "Instructor with the longest experience" and "Instructor with the most trained students".

Greetings served Rector of TU-Varna prof..Farhi graduates and current students of the Academy.

Congratulatory address on behalf of Mr. Danev - Executive Director of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) on the occasion of the 10th anniversary read Ms. Borisova.

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